WeText combines the immense power of Video, Pictures, Audio and Texting with app like plugins and credit card processing to solve business challenges. With WeText mobile marketing, your message is in the palm of your customer’s hands. A powerful SMS and MMS platform that cuts through the clutter of overloaded email inboxes and unread junk mail, WeText increases response and revenue in a form people actually respond to – at an astonishing open rate of 95%.

Engaging with your contacts has never been more immediate or more intuitive. From simple text messages and alerts to attention-grabbing videos, audios, pictures, coupons and offers, WeText provides the tools you need to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Plug-ins and benefits:

  • Ticketing & RSVP – Purchase, receive and redeem tickets globally and monitor attendance through RSVP management
  • Fundraising, Donations & Crowdsourcing – Solicit one-time or recurring text donations and track campaigns via live feed updates
  • Gift Card & Vouchers – Offer complimentary event passes, QR-coded gift cards and vouchers for services or products
  • Merchandising – Target specific audiences to simply and safely provide products, services, content and SMS customer service
  • Voting & Polling – Interact and gather feedback anonymously or by name with text message survey capabilities that increase engagement through live feed and two-way chat features
  • Membership, Subscriptions & Fan Club plugins – Connect directly with guests, customers, employees, etc. including announcements, mass marketing, mobile loyalty programs, promotions, mobile text alerts, coupons and more
  • NEW! Automated Engagement & Customer Service – Resolve issues, collect feedback and instantly answer common questions and concerns through automatic templated messages that can be sent even when you’re too busy to send an immediate personal response
  • Live Feed & Live Stream plugins – Receive real-time updates of donations, voting, polling or sales that can be viewed on projection screens and other monitors
  • Push-to-Text capabilities – Allow subscribers to effortlessly text content straight from your website to any of their contacts worldwide
  • Two-Way Chat capabilities – Enable instant interactive communication with your audience
  • Scheduler capabilities – Create calendar settings for automated text messaging scheduling that distributes your content exactly when you want people to see it
  • Text Enable apps – Deliver push notifications from external apps directly to the user’s phone via text
  • Silent API – Integrate seamlessly within other enterprise systems or programs
  • Automatic Media Conversion & Hosting – Built in media converter automatically converts your videos, audios & pictures for optimum mobile experience across all platforms; eliminating the need to convert and host it on external third party sites

As always, all WeText plans and pricing include:

  • Turn-key, user-friendly and full-featured back office portal access
  • Unlimited contact hosting
  • Detailed reports, analytics and user management
  • Risk-free, month-to-month service that can be canceled at anytime
  • Powerful SMS/MMS hybrid engine combining short and long codes
  • Group messaging, 2-way text chat and reply forwarding
  • QR codes, digital mobile coupons and URL shortening
  • Customizable SMS and MMS auto-responders
  • Scheduling of campaign activations, messages and alerts
  • Social media and web sign-up forms
  • Mobile marketing support, education and guidance from mobile experts
  • Referral program and white labeling
  • Secure, reliable, MMA/CTIA compliant platform with daily data backups
  • Built-in video, audio, picture and media converter for optimum mobile experience
  • Technology platform that works on any Internet enabled device, no apps to download

Let`s talk terminology:

  • SMS stands for Short Message Service – most commonly referred to as a “text message”. Fast, functional and simple, they are the bare bones of messaging and are restricted to chunks of text that are 160 characters or less.
  • MMS refers to Multimedia Messaging and is a heartier evolution of the standard SMS. It can include pictures, video, audio content and more. WeText maximizes this potential by embedding high resolution videos, audios and pictures directly into the body of the text.
  • Mass SMS or Bulk SMS services Message hundreds of recipients with a click of a button. Obviously, WeText makes this exceptionally easy to do.
  • Short Codes are an easy-to-remember number that are typically five or six digits long. It allows people to reply to your messages without needing to type in a full ten-digit phone number.
  • Keywords are a tool used to grow and manage your contact list and reach new audiences. For instance, you can encourage people to text “join” to a selected Short Code in order to be added to your contact list.
  • Shared Short Codes are usually available for free and may be used among a variety of different clients at different times. WeText differentiates which client is using the number through the use of keywords and transfers each message to the correct database.
  • Dedicated Short Codes are exclusive to each individual business but cost money to rent. Random Short Codes are the less expensive option, consisting of a random combination of numbers while Vanity Short Codes cost more and may be selected specifically to be easy to remember (such as 123456) or to spell out a business’s name.
  • Sub-keywords may be used to further organize your messages or track interests. An example would be to text “Join NYC” or “Join LA” to differentiate which customers are coming from a certain location.

Let’s talk specifics:

  • Contact Lists are fast, simple and intuitive to create. They may be manually added one at a time or by uploading a list of numbers from a spreadsheet. Contacts can then be sorted into groups and you may include first and last names in order to customize outgoing mobile text alerts.
  • Reports and Analytics allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s needs, help to grow your contact lists and can show you what type of messages resonate best with your clients. Tracking features show you how new contacts are opting in and can illustrate if a particular mass SMS campaign is working well or not.
  • Poll Building is an easy and effective way to perform market research that keeps audiences engaged and lets them to give you direct input via text message survey. Uses can be as varied as soliciting home association members for opinions on community issues to asking customers what type of items they’d like to see on a restaurant’s lunch menu.

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