Better Property Management & Customer Service Through Texting…

Having the right tools makes all the difference in any business. That is why so many industries, realtors and property managers are already using WeText to gain the competitive advantage in their market place.

Here are some facts:

  1. Just 3% of your following will see your facebook posts.
  2. Average email open rate is only 18%.
  3. However, 95% of text messages are viewed within the first few minutes of receipt.

Texting is included on all phones, so there’s no app to download.  Texting is now the #1 use of mobile phones, as 80% of us prefer to text a business instead of calling an 800 number. With text open rates of nearly 100% and mobile marketing exploding it’s time to try it!


WeText goes beyond texting and is already used by many small and large organizations such as United Nations, Tournament of Roses, L’Oreal, BASF and so many more.  Texting is so powerful that every presidential candidate in 2016 used texting to reach their following!  

With WeText, your message is heard.  Instantly!!

  • Combine your tenants from all digital sources (social media, websites, emails, etc.) into one powerful mobile communication database, and reach them all with text.
  • Update your tenants of any maintenance issues or property emergencies instantly via text.
  • Send rent reminders, updates and any other communication that you need everyone to see.
  • Provide customer service via two way text chat feature
  • Set up groups and message in batch keeping all names/numbers confidential
  • Collect customer feedback and perform satisfaction surveys using the voting/polling feature
  • Schedule your messages ahead of time for automation
  • Easily communicate with your property staff.

Just like website domains, WeText keywords pertaining to Property Management are being reserved fast.  Do not miss out on your perfect keyword. Just CLICK HERE to reserve your keyword now and start using the power to texting.

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3 thoughts on “Better Property Management & Customer Service Through Texting…

    1. Tami Munson Post author

      Hi David! That’s fantastic! Have you signed up for a free trial yet? If not, go ahead and do so. It will take you through set-up and include a training video to learn how to edit your account and send messages!


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