Be honest. What has email ever done for you? You deserve better. Like a 95 percent open rate. Interactivity and global reach. Retail, booking and promotional capabilities. It’s time to elevate your business communications out of the “In” box and put your brand in their hand.

WeText offers the instant impact of multi-media text messaging (MMS) so your business can interact directly with customers, members or organizational networks right on their cell phone. Our plugin options allow you to customize, activate and manage mass communications, special offers, surveys, scheduling, tickets and internal group messaging from a single dashboard. Full transaction capabilities enable the promotion and sale of products, content and services, 24/7.

WeText integrates the social media channels and databases you’re already using to automatically expand your contact list, reach more people, create more purchase points and increase revenue. When it comes to adding value to your communications and maximizing your ROI, WeText is the most effective and affordable solution in mobile marketing.

Move on from email. You’re ready for WeText.



WeText delivers SMS and MMS to over 140 countries. See below the list of supported countries and carriers:


Who we are

Mitesh Patel, Founder & CEO

Mitesh Patel is a leading innovator in mobile communications technology. His technical expertise spans all aspects of computer hardware and software, from programming, databases, networking, and infrastructure to informatics, security and enterprise platforms.

Patel founded his first company, nBoom, an early iteration of voice-over-IP, in 2004. By 2006, cellular text messaging was emerging as a mainstream communications platform, and its unlimited potential inspired him to develop a proprietary technology to deliver rich content such as video, audio, pictures and other digital media to cell phones throughout the world.

WeText brand was launched in its full capacity in 2017 with the technology that has been refined over a decade. The technology aggregates mobile data on a global scale and provides business applications for SMBs, hoteliers, property managers, retailers, restaurants, colleges, churches, member organizations and other users. A separate brand, Privi, offers specialized services for celebrities, public figures, non-profits and brands.

Patel presides over both WeText and Privi and serves as CEO.

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